Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Home is where the ♡ is.

I'm a decor fanatic! Whenever i find a spare moment i'm pinning onto my home sweet home board.
Other people's creativity gives me so much joy and inspiration. Who doesn't love looking at beautiful rooms?

Enjoy xxoo.

Eat your food!

Apologies... I've been absent for a few weeks, how slack of me. There is a very good reason behind it though! The hubby has taken over our fruit shop and now works 7 days a week. Very happy but means i'm doing everything at home with no help so i'm one tired Mama.

So i've hit the "i'm not going to eat anything you've prepared" stage with Noah. Help!

Well I lie actually. He eats plenty of fruit, the occasional cheerio, a cracker here and there and unfortunately whatever he finds on the floor (this is why i'm constantly vacuuming). Being grossed out on all new levels these days.
But being a first time mum I'm feeling awfully paranoid that he's not getting all the nutrients he needs especially as he's growing so quickly and because those Maternal Health Nurse's putting the pressure on stating  your child needs to be eating this, this and this each day... 
I'm always excited about introducing new foods/meals to the little one but there have been many meal times where i end up on my hands and knees cleaning. Sobs.  Okay so he has his bedtime bottle which is toddler formula filled with lots of goodies but it's no home cooked meal!

I've found the past month to be stressful and frustrating. It may well be he's teething but there has to be times where he's one hungry little bubba... no?

I came across these "French Food Rules":

1. Parents! You are in charge of food education.
2. Avoid emotional eating.
3. Parents schedule meals and menus, kids eat what adults eat! No short-order cooking!
4. Eat family meals together with no distractions.
5. Eat your veggies - key: think variety.
6. You don't have to like it BUT you do have to try it - say this at every meal time.
7. Limit snacking, it's okay to feel hungry in between meals.
8. Slow food is happy food as in eat slow.
9. Eat mostly real food - treats: special occasions - okay.
10. Remember eating is joyful - RELAX.

So these may apply to a slightly older child but i do kinda love these rules but...

My husband gets home at 7pm every night so i don't have the extra set of hands especially if i need a moment to myself to take a deep breath. By the time daddy's home Noah is just out of the shower and getting into bed.

Giving your child something to munch on to keep them settled when you're out and about happens, if he's cracking a wobbly and i need to preoccupy him even if it means there will be remnants of an apple in the pram for the next year i'll do it! But then you get people telling you not to give snacks as he'll be more hungry come dinner time.

I'm new at this and as much as i love to prepare fresh food for Noah, i do feel annoyed when it doesn't get eaten... Sometimes he eats and sometimes he doesn't. I'm also learning that toddlers eating patterns change and one day they might love something and the next they'll stash it at the bottom of the blocks box.

We have good and bad days. This is what i've been doing for the past few weeks and sometimes it works... Other times - fail! 

I'd love to know how you cope with these food habits, fussy eaters, recipes ideas, are you in to the baby led weaning?

Some great sources i've been using over the past few months:

A very helpful Mama on Instagram introduced me to this brilliant book available from Amazon. Simple yet yummy foods that the whole family will really enjoy. 

Sunday, 12 May 2013

dreaming & searching

Hello my lovely readers...

It's Mother's Day today and we're taking it very easy here. Noah's chilling out on the rug playing and i've done 3 loads of washing and now have my feet up drinking tea.

I am an avid label fiend. Baby and child that is. Not the most expensive, not what is the "coolest" (even though most are pretty damn amazing) and not even because he needs any of this stuff but more the case of discovering new, up and coming or sometimes older labels that i've somehow missed on my mummy journey and sharing it with you all. There really are some clever people out there! It's been in my head for a while now that one day i'd like to have my own store, selling the most beautiful, safe, fun products for babies and children. It may or may not happen but i'm having a lovely time researching this dream. I feel like a child on Christmas morning when i find a new clothing, textiles, toys label. I must give thanks to all the beautiful, earth mamas on Instagram who share photos of their littles wearing the latest threads, snuggling in their warmest of blankets and playing with their plushies. The mother networking and sharing on Instagram is so full of love, support, laughter and sometimes tears. I'm really enjoying my new addiction... So my husband calls it.

There are so many great online stores to browse through these days, making purchasing goodies oh so easy (and dangerous) for us mums. I will share a list at the end of this post. Even if my dream doesn't happen i am still inspired and happy to read your blogs, browse your websites and share with friends.

A few labels i've found recently...

Gardner and the Gang

Gardner and the Gang is fairly new in town, a too cool for school children's clothing line designed by a Swedish Graphic Designer. Everything is silkscreen printed onto 100% cotton. The prints are ridiculously good!

"Garbo & Friends were created for our tiny heroes of the unspoken imagination, the masters of bitsy big exploration and conquerors of all our good intentions..." 
A blanket, bottle, cot bumper, cushion or sheet set? You're going to find something that you and bub will fall in love with at Garbo & Friends.

Heaven in a blanket... 40% cashmere and 60% fine wool in colours Plum, Jules, Nemo, Paulie, Gino, Ingrid, Greta, Stone, Willhelm, Marita, Moscow, i heart pink and Minty fresh... You choose.

Grown up shapes and silhouettes from 0 months to 14 years. Cool, classic, understated basics made in the USA. Modern, unisex clothing you kinda wish they made in your size... Great denim too!

Thank god Sophie from Scoops Design ditched her stressful day job to make cushions, mirrors, brooches, prints and mobiles... They are so fun and bright. Our collection has started! Sophie is also one very friendly talent which makes purchasing her treasures that much more enjoyable.

Their aim is to create fun design and illustration for kids and grown ups with toys and clothing. Driven by the need for a creative outlet, they lovingly design products for a refreshing point of difference to the high street. Oh and they try their very best to look after the environment and source ethically made garments too... With names like Minty Macoronie, Hip Hop Harold and Ralph Radish how can you not fall madly in love?!?! I want them all. 

Plenty more labels to come over the next few weeks so please stay tuned.

Here's that list of online stores i'm loving at the moment, most of which stock the above products. I'm sure you'll find many things to put on your wish list. Also don't be shy when signing up for their newsletters, it's always a good idea to be informed of sales and new treats.